A’man Inayah Alfaisal University

Adam Margolin  Oregon Health Sciences University Breast Cancer Sage DREAM Challenge

Aimee Swartz  Writer, Journalist

Akpéli  Nordor Institute Curie

Alan Payne  BUPA

Ale Abdo  Garoa Hacker Clube Open Science practice and advocacy community

Aled Edwards  Structural Genomics Consortium Sharing information about the human genome

Alexander Pico  Gladstone Institutes, San Francisco Open collaboratively curated biological pathway models

Alexandra Ivanovitch

Alon Levi

Amelia Legavre

Amy Clark Ashoka

Ana Baptista  Queen Mary University of London Conceptions of the Nature and the Value of the Doctorate

Anders Rosengren Lund University Diabetes Centre Type 2 diabetes citizen engagement

Andrea Weisse  University of Edinburgh

Andrés Franco Herrera Departamento de Ciencias Biologicas y Ambientales 

Andrew Hessel Autodesk, Inc. Hacking Cancer

Andrew Marshall Nature

Andrew Trister Sage Bionetworks

Ange Ansour CRI Night Science 2013, Learning by Research

Annette Bakker Children’s Tumor Foundation

Ariel Lindner INSERM & CRI What is CRI paris @ bodyware

Arnaud de Champsavin MakeSense

Arno Klein Sage Bionetworks

Arnoud Raskin Ashoka

Bastian Greshake openSNP & University of Frankfurt Extremely open data

Benjamine Liu  TrialSpark, Oxford, World Economic Forum Global Shapers  Public engagement & better diagnosis for neurological disorders

Bennett M. Shapiro  DNDi-NA and PureTech Ventures

Beth Simone Noveck  The Governance Lab NYU School of Engineering What Can Governments Learn from the Open Data Revolution

Bill Drayton Ashoka A World of Change Makers

Bob Young Lulu Open-source for writers

Brett Abrahams  Albert Einstein College of Medicine Understanding neurodevelopmental disease

Brian Bot Sage Bionetworks

Brij Kothari Ashoka Fellow & Founder PlanetRead Literacy for a Billion

Bruce Aronow Cincinnati Childrens Data Mining

Carl Fremont  MEC

Charles Ferte Institut Gustave Roussy Big Data

Charles Hugh-Jones  Sanofi  Innovation Through Open Access

Charvi Shetty KNOX, UC Berkeley, CITRIS and Foundry@CITRIS

Chris Hinds Oxford

Chris Holland King Healthcare Partners

Christian Brechot Institut Pasteur Best Science for the Most Neglected

Christian Vanizette MakeSense Make Sense / Hold Up Introduction

Christine Suver Sage Bionetworks

Cindy Regalado  University College London

Colin Hill GNS Healthcare

Corinna Lathan AnthroTronix  Tracking Cognitive Function

Cyan James National Academy of the Sciences, Institute of Medicine Board on Children, Youth, and Families Northwest BioTrust

Damien Leger Universite Paris Descartes ResearchGate

Daniel Mietchen NIH/NLM/NCBI Opening Up the Research Funding Process

Danièle Bourcier CNRS – Committee for Ethics of science (COMETS) CERSA

Darlene Cavalier  Arizona State University, Center for Engagement and Training in Science and Society SciStarter

David Fajolles UNESCO

David Van Vactor  Harvard Medical School Exploring Problems at the Horizon of our Knowledge

Diane Gary Sage Bionetworks

Dor Garbash

Drew Endy Princeton

Eleonore Pauwels Commons Lab at Wilson Center

Elizabeth Edwards University of Toronto

Elizabeth Tyson  Commons Lab at the Wilson Center

Elizabeth Yeampierre  UPROSE

Eric Hekler  Arizona State University Agile Science

Fabien Calvo  Cancer Core Europe Changing the Image of Cancer Patients

Fabienne Cazalis Institut Jean Nicod

Fang-Ming Han   Department of Automation, Tsinghua University

Fan Zhu  University of Michigan Guan Lab 

Femi Longe Open Living Labs Co-Creation Hub Nigeria 

Florence Rizzo  SynLab

Francois Grey  Citizen Cyberlab, University of Geneva Upscience

Francois Sigaux INCA

Francois Taddei INSERM We are all born scientist

Frederic Commo Institut Gustave Roussy

Fredericka Foster  Artist  Art & Water Issues

Gaell Mainguy  CRI Plenary speech

Gaston Remmers Habitus

Genevieve Almouzni  Institut Curie

Geoffrey Henry Siwo United Genomes Project, Dartmouth College Genetic database of African populations

Georgios Palaiokrassas National Technical Unversity of Athens (NTUA)

Guillaume Dumas Institut Pasteur, HackYourPhD Knowledge as a Common Good

Guillemette Jacob Sentinelles

Hal Droogleever Fortuyn Phase2Therapy

Hanna Jansson Karolinska Institutet, Unit for Bioentrepreneurship

Helga Nowotny ERA Council Austria The Cunning of Uncertainty

Hope Wohl

Hugues Dethe INSERM

Huib Vriesendorp Phase2Therapy Re-Designing Pre-Competitive Drug Discovery

Ilona Schelle Inspire2Live

Ines Crisostomo Vienna Biocenter  The Research Institutes at the Vienna Biocenter

Iya Khalil  GNS Big Data

James Carlson School Factory Bridging School, Community, and Work through Collaborative Space

James Foster Healthcare Apple

Jasper Bovenberg All Precious Matter is Priceless

Jaykumar Menon  XPRIZE Incentive Prizes

Jeanne Guillemin  MIT

Jeff Hammerbacher  Cloudera and Sage Board of Directors Interview with Charlie Rose

Jennifer Couch NIH/NCI

Jerome Saltet 

Jessica Jackley Kiva and ProFounder TED Poverty, money – and love

Jesse Oguntimehin iAfrican  Independent Technology Hub

Jessie Tenenbaum Duke University

Jianyu He Tsinghua University

Jimmy Lin Rare Genomics Institute Expert network and crowdfunding for rare disease patients

Jinseub Hwang  NECA (South Korea)

Joel Chevrier Université Joseph Fourier Grenoble Smartphones: 2 billion pocket labs

John Wilbanks Sage Bionetworks  Let’s Pool Our Medical Data

Josep Tabernero  Vall D’Hebron University Hospital  Open Science Summit

Joseph Jackson

Justin Guinney Sage Bionetworks

Katherine Blizinsky National Human Genome Research Institute  NHGRI

Katie Cummings Last Mile Health iLab Liberia

Kelsey Wiens  Creative Commons South Africa Open Knowledge Advocate

Lara Mangravite Sage Bionetworks

Larsson Omberg Sage Bionetworks

Lauren Sweet Stanford

Lauriane Bassoleil  Sentinelles

Léa Peersman-Pujol ESSEC Business School / Cartes Blanches Innovating Navigating Tools

Lee Hartwell Arizona State University Origins of Life

Lex Eggermont  Institut Gustave Roussy Cancer Core Europe

Linda Avey   TEDx OCD and Me

Ludivine Houssin Institut Veolia

Luping Xu  Tsinghua University World Economic Forum

Mairead Healy  Future Voices of Ireland Empowering young people in poverty in Ireland

Margaux Pelen Social innovation

Marisa Weiss

Mark Parsons  Research Data Alliance  Research Data Sharing Without Boarders

Martin Murphy Project DataSphere

Matthew Trotter Celgene Institute for Translational Research Europe

Maxime Elbaz  iSommeil, CRI, Hôtel Dieu Hospital

Mélanie Marcel  SoScience! Science for a more sustainable world

Melissa McCartney American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Meryl Comer  Geoffrey Beene Foundation Alzheimer’s Initiative, 21st Century BrainTrust(R)

Mette Peters Sage Bionetworks

Michael Markovina  Moving Sushi: Oceans Exploration (NPC) East African Marine Transect Database

Michael Molitor  SciencesPo, Paris and Crowdfunding for early stages of scientists’ careers

Mike Kellen Sage Bionetworks

Mike Springer Harvard Medical School  Teaching quantitative methods

Mitch Altman  Noisebridge International Hackerspace Movement

Muriel Epstein Transapi Preventing school dropouts

Naz Sykes  National Breast Cancer Coalition

Neta Zach Prize4Life Open research and open data for ALS

Nick Shockey SPARC

Nicolas Froissard  SOS

Nicole Dalal Stanford

Niklas Blomberg Elixer

Nilofer Merchant  Prosperity Institute (MPI) The Power of Collaboration

Olga Werby  Pipsqueak Productions, LLC Sharing data; Ushahidi; disaster response

Olivier Brault

Omoju Miller CITRIS UC Berkeley

Paolo Boffetta  Tisch Center, Mt. Sinai,

Pascal Hersen  CRI / CNRS

Patrick Weil  Libraries Without Borders   The Sovereign Citizen

Paul Archimbaud OpenForet

Paul Boutros    Ontario Institute for Cancer Research DREAM Challenge

Peter Kapitein Inspire2Live

Peter Peele iAfrican Independent Technology Hub

Peter Rodgers eLife

Philip L. De Jager  Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Broad Institute Genes and environment MS study

Piaralla Peralta Inspire2Live

Ramin Farhangi  Ecole Dynamique What if kids designed their own schools

Ranajeet Shanbhag Vigyan Ashram Learning While Doing

Rayna Stamboliyska Open Knowledge Foundation

Regina Warmoth Sage Bionetworks

Rhiju Das Stanford

Rob Vriesendorp Phase2Therapy

Robert Gentleman 23andMe

Robert Siegel  Stanford

Robert van der Vooren Society for Cooperation

Roberto Toro  Institut Pasteur

Rodrigo Tapia Seaman

Roger Taylor Open Public Services Network, RSA

Roshan Kumar Karn Open Access Nepal

Samir Brahmachari CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology Open Innovation, Big Data and Crowd Sourcing

Sandy Farmer Pfizer

Sandy Macrae Takeda

Sanjay Krishnan  University of California-Berkeley CITRIS (Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society)

Sara Friend  University of St Andrews (Scotland) Collaboration in the social sciences

Sarah Nelson University of Washington Institute for Public Health Genetics

Sarah Perry  Nature Biotechnology

Saskia van der Vies  Amsterdam University

Sophie Pene

Stefana Broadbent  NESTA How the Internet Enables Intimacy

Stephen Friend  Sage Bionetworks Unexpected Genetic Heroes

Steven Keating  MIT Media Lab Open data access, understanding, and sharing

Stuart Firestein  Columbia University and CRI Ignorance as a Primary Motivating Force in Science

Susan Clark  School of Sustainability, Arizona State University The Pisces Game

Susan Domchek University of Pennsylvania PROMPT

Suzana Petanceska NIH/National Institute on Aging Accelerating Medicines Partnership for Alzheimer’s Disease (AMP-AD)

Tariq Khokhar The World Bank

Tefo Mohapi  iAfrican  Independent Technology Hub

Teri Melese  UCSD Strategic partnerships

Thanh Nghiem

Thomas Blettery Ashoka France

Tomas Diez Smart Citizen Smartphones and power of the data

Tony Ford-Hutchinson  Sage Board of Directors Excellentia

Tram Nguyen-Trinh  VITAnLINK

Uvania Naidoo University of Cape Town

Vicki Seyfert-Margolis  MyOwnMed 2011 Congress

Wen Hwa Lee  Structural Genomics Consortium, Oxford

Wendi Zhang Google

William Annal  Scotrenewables Tidal Power

Wojtek Kowalczyk  Leiden University

Xavier Duportet   Hello Tomorrow – Eligo Bioscience   Connecting and Empowering Tech & Science Innovators

Zoran Popovic  Center for Game Science   Games for Change